Welcome to Boma Life!  Whether you're one of the millions of customers over our almost 40 year history or you're just discovering us today, you'll find find the perfect piece of affordable, fine sterling silver jewelry, that's backed by our industry leading "Lifetime Warranty" against manufacturers defects.

Boma Jewelry is a Seattle-based company founded in 1981. We are a family-owned business that makes our jewelry in our own factories, providing the best value to our customers without compromising on materials, quality and the well-being of our workers. 

Visit our sister site www.bomajewelry.com for our premium silver and gold vermeil collections.

Boma Jewelry About Us Our Mission


As a jewelry company we create to make all women look good and feel good. But equally important is our responsibility to do good for our customers, our workers and the environment. Our mission is to be the leader in ethical silver through our long term commitment to our makers and artisans, our transparency in how we do things and open communication with our customers to continually do good for all. 

Each year we raise money to fund social and community-based programs for the workers and families who make our jewelry everyday. These programs include annual traditions like our Reading Awareness and Book Giving Day, Kids & Family Day and education scholarships.